Impressum Texte BACK AT THE FRONT THE FINAL STAND Lyrics by Stefan Preiss, Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Hold on breathless courier / why do you hurry so  Shut up son and listen / his cheeks were all aglow I bare orders from the captain / get ready quick and soon  Your men must be together before the rising of the moon  Call all men to arms / head to east without a break  Not only our freedom our life is now at stake   The enemy moves fast as a man enters the hall  They have crossed the river / they barely killed us all  Time has come - Fight ! or be gone  With fear - The end of all time is near  The battle rages hard / stand and raise your arms again  Blood red armored masses are defending our reign Beast or man together / in this raging hell  Whether we survive the night / only god can can tell  Among the sound of war you can hear a trembling voice  The king is dead ! The king is dead ! Retreat ! The only choice  The enemy breaks through and brings us to our knees  No one will survive ! Better leave your posts and flee  Chorus: Beyond the outside wall You can hear the dark ones call  Surrender ! Surrender! We´re coming for the kill  No living man can stand against our will Time has come - Fight ! or be gone  With fear - The end of all time is near  Solo The battle´s almost lost / Black masses storm the wall Far from a distance the fighters hear a call  A call of freedom, call of life / fearless death-await  Shield must shatter, spear must break / this fight is our fate  By the sound of horns our troops regain attack  With bow and blade we break  the lines and push our foes back  Reserves are pulling in / but the lines are standing strong  Throw them back to hell / cause that´s where they belong  Chorus MACBETH Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Two generals are riding home – after a sinist fight The meeting with the witches has made them lose their mind On a place upon a heath grim tragedy begins  Three witches awaiting Macbeth, the general of the king  To tell him he´ll be a lord and later king as well Fair is foul and foul is fair, a mystery of hell   Chorus: When shall we three meet again - In thunder, lightning or in rain.  When the hurlyburly´s done, when the battle´s lost and won  Soon after this his father dies, (the) first prophecy´s fulfilled  There´s one last thing to reach the crown, King Duncan must be killed!  Possessed by that he makes a plan to stab the king at night  With bloody hands and evil thoughts he reaches out for might  Chorus Solo An army moves to end his reign, to reengage the crown  They hide among great Birnam wood and march towards the town  Macbeth gets killed, MacDuff has won and seales the tyran´s end  The people hail the winner now, the evil has been banned.  Chorus ECONOMIC WARFARE Lyrics by Björn Walter, Stefan Kunz & Michael Wild  Big business and Finance, a global organized crime Their guilt is inhumanity, worst criminals of all time. The natural habitat they live: boundaries of the law.  They suck the money out of you, a kind of business-whore.  Chorus: Economic warfare - no mercy and no heart  Moneysucking paraites tearing us apart  Politicians talk – in helpless situations Legalized crimes destroy whole nations They don´t work in a slaughter-house, they use no gun, no knife.   But the result is all the same, using pencils to ruin your life  They have the power and the might, the government they buy.  The common weapons that they use are fraud, deceipt and lie.  Chorus Solo Money, profit, taxes are their gods to whom they pray.  They sacrifice ruthless, ruin thousands every day.  Mobsters of High Finance, Gangsters of the law  They rip you off and leave you back, a kind of business-whore  Chorus GLORY, GUTS, DIVINITY Lyrics by Stefan Preiss   Time to face myself again, Time for the face of war  Time to cross someones path again, Time to pay the whore I say it´s time and time it is, The time to strike is now  We don´t have no time for this, My time is here and now  Chorus: Here I stand - Born to rape the land  Masterplan at hand - Share my destiny  Glory, guts, divinity  Prophets made - The shine of my blade  Sharpened by your hate - Thirsty desperate  Glory, guts, divinity  In the beginning was the word - And my word is with me  Sounds familiar what you´ve heard, My speech will make you flee  The truth it lies between the lines, Between the lines I´ve been  Nothing there only broken shrines Of brain reparcelling  Chorus Solo Chorus Time to face myself again, Time for the face of war  Time to cross someones path again, Time to pay the whore I say it´s time and time it is, The time to strike is now  We don´t have no time for this, My time is here and now  Chorus THE CROSS CREEPER Lyrics by Stefan Preiss Step aside watch your head, Beg for pardon beg for death  Summon up your own beliefs, Praise the kings kill the thiefs  Stroken by the spoken word, What´s the deal of what you´ ve heard  You don´t mind what you don´t know, What you know you don ´t show  Chorus: Come on hear me - The Cross Creeper Forever to be - The Cross Creeper  Open up your lazy eyes, Reality is hyptnotized  Feel the fist right in your face, No tomorrow no disgrace  Try to get up make your stand, Your own life´s not in your hand  Be whatever you want to be, Be yourself or be free  Chorus  Solo What´s the secret of your life, Being there or being alive  Chase the curse on every day, You are the tool to make the way  Hold on now what´s on your mind, Facing truth can heal the blind  With twinkling eyes you can see - That what is yours belongs to me  Chorus IN FLANDERS FIELDS Lyrics by Björn Walter, Stefan Kunz & Michael Wild Thunder roaring through the sky, you see lightning in the air  Let me welcome you to war – nothing here is fair.  No time to think, no time to cry, attack follows attack,  One day you´re storming forward, next day you´re drawing back.  Chorus: The faces filled with pain - everybody´s going insane  You´re trembled by your fear - Cause you know the end is near  The trenches filled with blood - Losing everything you got  The whore of war gives birth - Death has come to earth…  …in Flanders Fields Less to drink and nothing to eat, influenza a gift of the beast,  If you won´t die in enemy´s fire, you´ll die by hunger or desease.  The "cowards", they are still alive, the heroes are all dead,  Strucked down by machine-gun fire, a bullet in their head.  Chorus Solo By hundred they sink to the ground – your life must be on time  Just worth a couple grains of lead, not even worth a dime.  You´re not afraid to die, the hell you do not fear  Cause hell can´t be as bad as this – the real hell is here The bodies lie just where they fell and peacefully they rot,  Maybe next day you´re joining them in that dirt and mud.  A burning pain, your blood runs red, now it´s time to die,  The end of war has come for you, dead eyes stare at the sky.  Chorus IN FLANDERS FIELDS Lyrics by Björn Walter, Stefan Kunz & Michael Wild He´s working in an office, daily from 9 to 4  Always smart and well-dressed, you know him from next door  But evil lurks behind his mask, his real life you don´t know  One look into his second face and he starts a bloody show  Chorus: He´s the man from next door - You see him every day  But after the sun´s set - get out of his way  He´s the hunter of your soul – this will be your fate  Cause after the night falls – he unchains his hate  He´s got that killer-instinct, a creature animal-like  A real two-faced person, only darkness sees him strike H e rips his victims, cuts them out, an artist of the knife   Killing, pain and torture, that is his real life  Chorus Solo Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hide, the Evil and the Good  Kept together in his brain, a fragile neighbourhood  A battery of anger, no mercy, no remorse   Do not try to wake him up, run and lock your doors  Chorus STRUCK DOWN Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Björn Walter Soldiers let us marching in, Brothers we go to war  Running, walking, creeping, kick down every door  My rifle is my only friend, my mate, my pal, my god   Together we will rape the land, until the barrel´s hot  Chorus Struck down by fire and steel  Down to my feet and kneel!  Struck down by fire and steel   Down to my feet and kneel!   We kill the men and rape the wives, we´re showing no remorse  We decide about your lives, You must obey our laws  The dog is our symbol, a dirty bastard´s son  Cause men and beasts are equal, that´s why our wars are won   Chorus Solo We conquer all and kill the rest, set the whole world afire  You know that we are the best, cause we are guns for hire  You see us coming down the hill, run and leave your town  Cause we are killing for the thrill and you go six feet down  Chorus INTO THE DARK Lyrics by Stefan Preiss In the middle of nowhere far from this place  There is nothing but darkness and empty space No solid surface no planet near Not one travelling comet (has) ever got lost here  Chorus: Fall into the dark into the black  Follow the track no turning back  Right out of a mudball near to this place  Something is evolving called human race First few in number (with) no cultural worth  But without any doubt (made) to rule the earth  As the centuries go by they got pretty far  With improving techniques - we are what we are  In honour of nature they create their own cells  Who´s got he answer - is there anyone else  Chorus Solo A new day for discovers - hear the experts say  And they keep on talking in this global play  They rule the fire, they are kings of the air  Masters of destruction - why should we care  Everything is perpetual, they just do what they do  But they are doing their best and they will break through  In the middle of nowhere that is their place  Lost in time and meaning and lost in space Chorus