Impressum Texte DEMOLITION PARTY SHOTGUN ROCK’N’ROLL  Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Björn Walter  Rock’n’Roll! Turn it up, play our music on ten Add one more, get the sound from hell   Feel the bass pounding hard right down in your guts  Get the Power, gonna kick some butts Stand in queue, see the best show in town Gonna rockin’ and rollin’, gonna tear the barriers down  Chorus: Shotgun - Boom Boom - Rock’n’Roll, it’s a Shotgun Rock’n’Roll  With a - bad boy - attitude we’re gonna roll the dice for you It’s a Shotgun - Boom Boom - Rock’n’Roll, it’s a Shotgun Rock’n’Roll  With a Heavy Metal rockin’ show we’re gonna play it loud for you Party on! Show your patches, wear your jacket with pride Take it up to our savage ride  Bang your head, move your ass, throw your hair in the air At least if you got some, life’s not fair  We got the weapon and we know how to use With a crazy Shotgun rhythm even stronger than Zeus Chorus Solo Chorus   DEFENDER OF THE CROWN  Lyrics by Stefan Kunz  All hear this tale of a Land in despair, The Nation was split and the throne´s got no heir Norman oppression raged on through the years Dictating their will thru Terror and fear But still there is hope for old Albion´s Men Like phoenix from ashes, with power regained Patriots gathering, in thousands they rise To Hell with the Normans, with utter despise All long for the King and the crown to reappear The heart of the Lion the Normans do fear Lords of the soil, let us march in his name Cause the old English lion will never be tamed Go on, raid their castles, their strongholds do break Ambush their sheriffs, their taxes do take Hit them with everything that you´ve got Fight them, destroy them and kill the whole lot Chorus: Raise your banners high, let them fly up in the sky Return of the King - Defender of the Crown Let the English lion roar again, feel the iron fist of war Hail to the King - Defender of the Crown Raise your banners high, let us march across the land Return of the King - Defender of the Crown Let the English lion roar again, feel the iron fist of war All hail the King - Defender of the Crown Solo The struggle for freedom won´t come to an end As long as the chains still constraining the land Nobles and soldiers, they stand side by side For the better of England, together they ride March on to glory, hear the battle commands A brave Anglo-Saxon to no one will bend One day Norman lordship will finally be gone When rebellion is over and the battle is won Chorus WHERE THE NILE DIVIDES Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Björn Walter  Ten thousand strong wiped out in the plains Ambushed by sand dunes and sun In the desert the Mahdi arises Stronger with each english gun A threat that the Empire can not ignore Commited to treaty and pride A hero’s the answer, Gordon’s his name An all english sacrifice The eyes of the kingdom peer at Khartoum And everyones out for the prize This time the english long stick is too short But the desert is way too big in size Time’s runnin’ out, the city’s at stake Two men rival with fate Destruction is near, all hope disappeared The enemy’s lurking at the gates Chorus: Blood on the sands where two armies collide Question of fate, but God is on noones side Blood on the sands where two armies will fight Destiny fulfills where the Nile divides Solo Exalt ye not that men are dead Since more must die tomorrow You fight a war to purify the world Let cities shudder in fear Khartoum has to fall as a sign to the world The sands have to drink pagan’s blood The only protection left’s river Nile As long as the moat is on the spot The tide brings the change sealin’ the end Ten thousand strong storm the gates The city’s lost in ferocious attack While history’s in the hand of fate Chorus KINGDOM OF FIRE Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Uranus was the name, encirclement the deed A soviet army, one million soldiers have to succeed On 19th of November they crossed the river Don A thousand arty cannon muzzles roared a deadly song Chorus: Kingdom Of Fire! The War machine keeps movin’ on Kingdom Of Fire! Until the battle’s lost or won Kingdom Of Fire! Another beast is on the run Kingdom Of Fire! It’s marchin’ on and on and on Poor equiped romanian forces crushed upon the flanks Their AT weapons useless against the russian tanks Not even four days later enclosure was achieved At the town of Kalach they shook hands for the fateful breach Chorus Solo The snipers rule the surface, the rat war has begun Frosted soldiers look like glaced, all hope for life is gone Street for street, house for house, fightin’ room for room No chance to smash the cauldron’s ring, it’s the 6th army’s doom Chorus DESTROYAH  Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Bjrön Walter Born by atomic light, he’s comin’ straight from hell Destined to master all mankind with terrifying yell With laser eyes he leaves his mark, precambrian redeemer His breath sets fire to the sky, a monstrous machina 50 feet up in the air this creature rules supreme Demolish everything in town pernicious machine He’s stampin’ thru suburbia and aimin’ for destruction No chains will ever tie him down, this beast is out for action Chorus Destroyah! Beast or machine? Destroyah! Nightmare or dream? Destroyah! Obnoxious right! A threat of tomorrow, a demon inside! Destroyah! Beast or machine? Destroyah! Nightmare or dream? Destroyah! Obnoxious right! Mutated crustation, mischivous might! Go! Solo Born by atomic light, he’s comin’ straight from hell Destined to master all mankind with terrifying yell His heart pumps poison thru his veins, a brut obliterator Our doomsday’s ineluctable cause of this vast annihilator Chorus DEATH OR GLORY Lyrics by Stefan Kunz  In old ancient times alongside the Rhine Tales were sung of powerful heroes, a majestic noble line King Gunther was the regent and Hagen was his knight No other kingdom equaled them, in honour and in might Stand up and fight! Chorus: Death or Glory - till the last man falls! We fight and die as brotherhood - heed the battle calls Death or Glory - till the last man falls! Eternal shining funeral pyre inside those walls Now there was also Siegfried, a hero true and brave Who crushed the mighty towering Dragon in the lindorms dreadful cave His mind was blank, his soul was pure - but treason´s on his brow His presence threatened Burgundy, his death decreed by vow Stand up and fight! Chorus Solo Ohm Hagen was the weapon for the Xantian´s Death knell His Lance transfixes the unsuspicious hero where the lime´s leaf once fell The Blood came over Hagen and the whole Burgundian reign Yet they combated destiny although it was in vain. Stand up and fight! Chorus FRACTAL IMPRESSIONS Lyrics by  Björn Walter, Stefan Kunz & Jochen Scheid  Down in New York City the world is runnin’ fast  When you are trapped down on the streets there ain’t no time to rest  Everybody’s online, bound on mobile phones Police cars howlin’ down the road approachin’ danger zones Chorus: Deep in the heart of the never sleepin’ giant, spots a light Adrenaline runs down your veins Face to face with a beast of haze, accelerate Another minute more to gain Never sleepin’ urban giant, spots a light Narcotica to kill your pain Giant toxic beast of haste, accelerate Do you need a break!? Into the arena the battle rages hard Tighten ties and elbows out, play your favorite card See the whole world go beserk, livin’ without a break The city’s crazy to the bone, never tired, all awake Chorus Solo Chorus THE COURIER OF THE CZAR Lyrics by Stefan Kunz  He´s chosen for a mission, one-way-ticket straight to hell The fate of mother Russia lies entirely in his hand Rebellion shakes Siberia, Irkutsk is doomed to fall A messenger must make it through, a soldier brave and tall Chorus: It´s for live and death, he may not come back He´s the courier of the Czar - The Courier Of The Czar! Through the wind and rain, suffering and pain The way of the warrior - Warrior! A onetime loyal hero, a colonel for the Czar Imprisoned in a citadel, unbound by the Tartars He´s got the key to break Irkutsk, to open up the gates Set fire to the river´s oil, the city´s lost in flames Chorus Solo The courier´s the only hope to cross the traitor´s plan The empire´s stability is up to this one man A thousand miles through mud and snow and still he´s marching on Must make it through to warn them all or else Irkutsk is gone Chorus THE REIGN Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Björn Walter  Between the time of middle ages and the dawning of modern times There was a caste of noble gentry rulin’ Poland with an iron hand Known by the name of ‘The Pans’ who spread their terror all over the land Exploitation was their natural game and their fortune was compiled by their bondsmen’s pain A nation’s bleedin’, violence’s seedin’ Steal from the poor and donate to the rich, that’s the way of the noble man Explotation and devastation is the birthright of their clans A nation’s bleedin’, violence’s seedin’   Chorus: Incredible terror unleashes a war Their torture will rule forevermore The time is right for a kill Blood lust satisfies my thrill Incredible terror unleashes a war Their torture will rule forevermore And on goes their horrible reign A hundred thousand years to come in pain, to come in pain! Dungeons stodged by innocent men, perched together and struck with awe The noble class bold stand sentry, bringin’ misery all over the land Crimes in the name of ‘The Pans’ and still salvation is nowhere at hand Known by new name but playin’ old games and the legacy lives and goes on and on A nation’s bleedin’, violence’s seedin’ Chorus Solo Charge ! Solo Exploitation, Devastation, millions suffer from deprivation Nations bleedin’, violence seethin’, tormented souls await releasin’  THE FINAL STAND Lyrics by Stefan Preiss, Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Hold on breathless courier / why do you hurry so  Shut up son and listen / his cheeks were all aglow I bare orders from the captain / get ready quick and soon  Your men must be together before the rising of the moon  Call all men to arms / head to east without a break  Not only our freedom our life is now at stake   The enemy moves fast as a man enters the hall  They have crossed the river / they barely killed us all  Time has come - Fight ! or be gone  With fear - The end of all time is near  The battle rages hard / stand and raise your arms again  Blood red armored masses are defending our reign Beast or man together / in this raging hell  Whether we survive the night / only god can can tell  Among the sound of war you can hear a trembling voice  The king is dead ! The king is dead ! Retreat ! The only choice  The enemy breaks through and brings us to our knees  No one will survive ! Better leave your posts and flee  Chorus: Beyond the outside wall You can hear the dark ones call  Surrender ! Surrender! We´re coming for the kill  No living man can stand against our will Time has come - Fight ! or be gone  With fear - The end of all time is near  Solo The battle´s almost lost / Black masses storm the wall Far from a distance the fighters hear a call  A call of freedom, call of life / fearless death-await  Shield must shatter, spear must break / this fight is our fate  By the sound of horns our troops regain attack  With bow and blade we break  the lines and push our foes back  Reserves are pulling in / but the lines are standing strong  Throw them back to hell / cause that´s where they belong  Chorus