Impressum Texte BLOODBATH REVOLUTION THE ABBOT IN BLACK Lyrics by Stefan Kunz  It's Midnight, the clock strikes 12, it's time for a kill The fog rises high and the world is standing still Noises that shatter the deadly still of the night A shadow appears while the moon is shining bright Bridge Legend of ages generations have told Ghost of an Abbot is waiting Chorus Scream - Attack! The Abbot in Black Never turn your back To the Abbot in Black Scream - Attack! The Abbot in Black The evil strikes back He's the Abbot in Black Unravel the secret and decrypt the mystery chart Beware of the treasure's deminic old guard He's striking relentles with claws cold as steel In Fossaway's Abbey your darkest fears come real Bridge Chorus Solo Descend the ancient ruins, those guardians of stone Don't fall for the trap door in the old gothic dome The curse of the Abbot noone will spare No chance for survival in the demon's evil lair Bridge Chorus HEAVY METAL DYNAMITE Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Let us take you back to heaven, some 30 years ago When Metal ruled the land When Headbangers were legion, Hard'n'Heavy on the air Everybody came to see the shows Bridge Metal was above us, Metal was below No need to search too long cause it's here from the get go Chorus Celebrate tonight - Hey Hey Hey Heavy Metal Dynamite! All out of control Sex and drugs and Rock'n'Roll Celebrate tonight - Hey Hey With Heavy Metal Dynamite! Always in control Party, beer and Rock'n'Roll It's a golden age of Metal, somewhere back in time Let the paty never end! Get the spark of Heavy Metal and bring it back to present day So it shall blaze and burn forevermore! Bridge Chorus Solo Chorus GERONIMO Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  He grew up and settled down Until death came back again By the hands of regular mexican troops His whole family was slain In the reservation they starved to death Cause it was desert land So they tried cross the border to Mexico They had to fight and make a stand Bridge Our tactic hit and rund Fighting, hiding, hear us shout Chorus Heyo, heyo, heyo - Geronimo! Free like the wind Heyo, heyo, heyo - Geronimo! The spirit deep within Heyo, heyo, heyo - Geronimo! Ride the open sky Heyo, heyo, heyo - Geronimo! Yell the battle cry - Geronimo! He allied with another chief Cochise was his name They were fighting a guerilla war The only chance to win the game But after long years of fighting hard Only 40 warriors alive He surrendered to the US troops Ending his long strive Bridge See the panic in their eyes My name spreads fear across the land Chorus Solo Bridge He was send to prison for a long, long time Then he converted to christianity Aged 80 years he died in peace And he never saw his home again... Chorus WILD DAYS OF THUNDER Lyrics by Stefan Kunz  When the Tricolore is waving the battle can begin Running fast across the track, a headstart's everything Hear the motors roaring, the engine's pounding hot Kick the throttle to the limit, give it all you got Bridge You got the need for speed Cause speed is all you need Chorus Wild days of thunder Unleash the power in your heart Kickin' down the pedal Let the motor start Wild days of thunder Feel it boiling in your vain Max Acceleration The need for speed is driving me insane Solo See the birth o legends at the Circuit de la Sarte The smell of gas lies in the air, determination in your heart Speeding thru the Esses, pushing hard at the Mulsanne Set your breakes on fire till the battle's lost or won Bridge Chorus GIANTS IN THE SKY Lyrics by Stefan Kunz Coming out of nowhere Like a speed train racing thru the night 747 rides the sky Without a warning That Beechcraft takes one hefty bite 350 bound to die Bridge Terror in the air Destruction everywhere With wings of steel Up high! Chorus Giants in the sky! Giants in the sky! In the sky! Giants in the sky! Tickin' like a time bomb With deadly mountains in plain sight Old Jumbo's fate hangs by a thread Lowered down in full speed One crazy bastard dares the fight You gotta be quick or you'll be dead Bridge Chorus Solo Chorus MACBETH Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  Two generals are riding home – after a sinist fight The meeting with the witches has made them lose their mind On a place upon a heath grim tragedy begins  Three witches awaiting Macbeth, the general of the king  To tell him he´ll be a lord and later king as well Fair is foul and foul is fair, a mystery of hell   Chorus: When shall we three meet again - In thunder, lightning or in rain.  When the hurlyburly´s done, when the battle´s lost and won  Soon after this his father dies, (the) first prophecy´s fulfilled  There´s one last thing to reach the crown, King Duncan must be killed!  Possessed by that he makes a plan to stab the king at night  With bloody hands and evil thoughts he reaches out for might  Chorus Solo An army moves to end his reign, to reengage the crown  They hide among great Birnam wood and march towards the town  Macbeth gets killed, MacDuff has won and seales the tyran´s end  The people hail the winner now, the evil has been banned.  Chorus INFERNO Lyrics by  Stefan Kunz  They were born upon the heavens with evil in their eyes The mighty gods have left Olympus dahing thru the skies Time has come for judgement day, mankind's doom is here On a fateful night when time's run out, now the end is near Bridge We never knew those things before But now they're opening the door Chorus To the Inferno Bloodred Inferno Apocalyptic angels ruling thru the air A dominion of abysmal evil, supprssion everywhere A desperate herd awaits their gods and longs for kingdome come The world in need of law and order until the job is done Bridge Chorus To the Inferno Bloodred Inferno It's the Inferno Hellfire Inferno Solo Chorus LAST MEN STANDING Lyrics by Stefan Kunz & Björn Walter Two decades of hard hitting flak and still no ending in sight We're the patron saints of steeliness cause we're dodging no good fight Many tried to hammer us down, to send us to the floor But we came back for the attack, stronger than before Bridge It's not over till the fat lady sings Chorus We're the last - the last men standing With backs against the wall and no chance at all Still rollin' on Cause we're the last - the last men standing With odds not on our side on our eternal ride Still marchin' on We are the last men standing The millennium ended and we gathered up, the troops start to march A crew of 5, one goal in mind, that's the only starch Old school Metal was our coat of arms and nothing could divert No compromise, no boulder dash, thru the wall though it hurts Bridge There's till life in the old dog yet Chorus Solo Chorus BLOODBATH REVOLUTION Lyrics by Björn Walter & Stefan Kunz  As I walked the streets of Paris, the revolution's five years ago I hear the crowd cheer out lout, it's another bloody show The guillotine rules the day, more victims every hour The public safety committee has taking over power Bridge: Comrades are arrested, loyalty not worth a dime Tigers eat their young, revolution was their only crime Chorus Bloodbath Revolution - heads will roll tonight! Steel Dawn execution - the time is right to win the fight! Bloodbath Revolution - darkness kills the light Steel Dawn execution - raise your neck cause heads will roll tonight! We behead all our enemies whatever the cost may be It's a despotism of liberty against tyranny We create a state of virtue so the terror is used for nothing more Than severe and rigid justice, down to the core. Bridge Chorus Solo Chorus